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More About Our First Event

So, How Did Our First Event Go? Be Honest.

Last night, I helped host our first event to promote Neuron Robotics. Our first idea from it was to provide considerably more notice. This is because we could have promoted it better. We could have had a listing on a good half dozen or so calendars.

It wasn’t a bad first event. Just not promoted too well.

But On a Personal Note

I also learned that the really high heels look good, but I pay for it the following day. I suppose I knew that already.

How Our First Event Really Went

My boss and I each brought a DyIO and we talked about not only it but also the Bowler Communications System (BCS). Our Development Lead, Kevin Harrington, did an excellent job explaining not only the system but also how the company was initially put together.

I think we impressed our guests. We were certainly impressed with our guests! Plus we had a great time — we just enjoy each others’ company.

Thank You!

A special thank you and shout out to the lovely Paula who joined and supported us. Thanks, Paula!

And thank you for reading. We’ll have another event soon!

With the Gift of Hindsight

About twelve and a half years later, I can honestly say that the first event was… okay. Considering that we had nearly no preparation or promotions, that is.

But, like with so many other aspects of Neuron Robotics’ brief existence, one thing stands out.

And that one thing is the opportunities we missed.

We had a chance for some local techie press. At least, to get a mention in some blogs. But… nothing.

We had a chance to sell some units. Yet again… nothing.

Again, as I have noted oh so many times before, Neuron desperately needed an adult in the room. But there was no one to be found.

And again, in retrospect, it should have been me. Ah, well.

And Another Thing

In a world full of neurodivergent folks, there was probably no one who was truly neurotypical! Maybe Paula, as I remember her. Certainly Bob’s girlfriend (who is now his lovely wife).

But in the core? Nope.

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