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Getting Inspiration from Pets

Are you getting inspiration from pets?

Pets are our constant companions. For a lot of people, their animal friends are their sole contact on some days. And they can inspire.

Do You Speak Dog?

Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Getting inspiration from pets
Do your pets ever inspire you?

Humans first domesticated dogs back when we still lived in caves. They probably saved our species and certainly love us unconditionally. Dogs are incredibly observant and usually act to please us, although they have their own personalities and quirks.

However, dog bites are fairly common; there are a few million per year in the United States alone. From 2005 to 2015, dogs killed 360 Americans. As a result, some people are deathly afraid of them.

Feline Follies

Cats can seem aloof, but they also bond well to humans. A cat is often a great companion for people who live in apartments. This is because they are small and often quiet, and their non-hairball messes are well confined. However, a lot of us (myself included) are allergic to them.

Furthermore, strays and outdoor cats differ. If your furry friend wanders, you might want to do a thought experiment and try to figure out where they go, and what they do, and why.

The Reptilian World of Pets

Lots of people love snakes and turtles. During my childhood, my brother had an iguana. Maybe a dinosaur-like creature can inspire some interesting tales.

Polly Wanna Write? What if Your Pets Can Talk?

Parrots are extremely intelligent and can live a long time. Furthermore, a lot of birds are extremely beautiful. Plus there’s the very concept of flight – and they’re so casual about it! So how would we humans be if we could fly, too?

How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm?

While farm animals aren’t often seen as companion animals, per se, people do sometimes see them that way. The most obvious are horses, but this includes chickens and potbellied pigs, for example. Maybe consider what it’s like to befriend a creature which a lot of other people only see as food.

Or, what happens if a famine strikes and the only meal out there is from a creature your characters love?

Big Inspiration from the Very Small

So, for the purposes of this kind of catch-all section, let’s look at not only smaller critters like mice and hamsters, but also fish, insects and spiders, and others like rats and ferrets. Your animal friend might be lively and playful, or sedate. Maybe the wheel gets a lot of use. And what are they thinking? Is it just about food, or is there more to them?

Pets and Inspiration: Takeaways

When we get into others’ heads, we see the world differently. Animals are almost aliens on our world, so considering how they think might prove very helpful when writing science fiction. And whenever we make first contact with an alien species, we may find they don’t want to talk to us at all—but are happy to chat up Fido, Fluffy, and Polly.

Hug your pets today!