Viral Videos

Quinnipiac Assignment #5 – Viral Videos

Quinnipiac Assignment #5 of my Social Media Platforms class was all about viral videos. I therefore chose to discuss Gotye and Kimbra‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and burtonearny’s “Llama Llama Duck”.

Both of these songs are, I suppose, classics in their own unique ways. Okay, maybe “Llama Llama Duck” isn’t so much a classic as it is a synonym for annoyance. A llama’s back’s worth of annoyance.

Some Social Media That I Used to Know

I probably listened to Somebody That I Used to Know more than a human being should ever be required to.  It is a terrific song, and the video is extraordinarily artistic and well done, but by the end of the assignment I had more or less had it. But at least it was better than the llamas.

Here’s a Llama, There’s a Llama

Yes, I also researched the origins of Llama Llama Duck. It first emerged from the primordial ooze on Deviant Art, assuming that my research is at all correct. The song still gets a ton of likes and comments there, and it is several years old. It is a phenomenon with staying power, for some strange reason or another. Possibly it is because, like with Rick Rolling, it is a way to prank your friends.

That is assuming that they remain your friends after you have sent them the ten hour version (yes, it really does exist, God help us all) of the song.

Oh, Social Media! I’m Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley live in Chile

Rick Astley live in Chile (Photo credit: Alisson_Gothz_Parties)

Plus there was even a very special surprise appearance by this guy in my video.

Because every class video should be Rick Rolled.

This was another fun assignment. My professor seemed to agree, as I received a rather sweet grade for it.