The Badge of Humanity
When I first started to write The Obolonk Murders, I had no plan and no idea it would turn into three books. At this point, I knew I really needed to finish up already. One thing Untrustworthy has proven, over and over again, is the value of an outline.
Review – The Polymer Beat The Polymer Beat moves the Obolonk action toward not just the robots […]
The Obolonk Murders
In the meantime, the best thing about the Obolonks is the world building. It is potentially the best-built world I have ever created. Hence the sequels. There's plenty of room in this universe.
Review – The Boy in the Band The Boy in the Band came about because I wanted […]
Mettle Draft Cover
Mettle is a punny title. And it may be the best thing I have ever written.
A review of Stephen Baker's work, The Numerati.
Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff This is something of an updated review of Groundswell by Charlene […]
The Top 10 Pet Peeves About Job Seeking Pet Peeves? I got ’em. Adventures in Career Changing […]
What I've been up to and where I'm going.
Quinnipiac Assignment #08 – NESN SEO Once again, I reviewed NESN. But this time, it was in […]