A review of Stephen Baker's work, The Numerati.
Your Call is Very Important to Us - analytics
Objectively analysing your community's performance.
Quinnipiac Assignment 11 – ICM 527 – Continuing Program Evaluation This week, we continued studying the evaluation […]
Quinnipiac Assignment 10 – ICM 527 – Program Evaluation Program Evaluation This week’s readings were about evaluating […]
The Most Important Role of a Community Manager I’ve been a Community Manager for over a decade […]
The Future of Big Data What is the future of so-called ‘Big Data’? Big data is defined […]
What I've been up to and where I'm going.
Quinnipiac Assignment #15 – Reflections about ICM 522 With the end of my first Social Media class […]
Review of the J-Krak Communities Once again, this was a week where we did not have to […]
J-Krak on MySpace and Google+ My partner and I certainly never intended to create two separate new […]