Bailee Madison, who I see as Nell Murphy
Shy, quiet, and introverted, Nell wants to be anywhere but wherever she is. Feeling undue pressure, she cuts herself. Like many tweens, she's mouthy at times, and mumbles at others. Sometimes, she's responsible. But other times, she slacks off. Just like any other kid of her age.
Keiko Kitigawa, who I see as Mei-Lin Quan
I wanted at least one character to be a bit overweight, so I essentially elected her to the task. Because the first seven or so chapters exist to foreshadow much of the rest of the story, her weight does the job admirably. For, who to better contrast with starving characters than an overweight one?
Michelle Hurd, who I see as Elise Jeffries
Consider Elise Jeffries, One of My Original Characters Who is Elise Jeffries? She sprang, semi-formed, when I […]
Mettle Draft Cover Nell Murphy
Mettle is a punny title. And it may be the best thing I have ever written.