Losing Control – Fear of Social Media Losing control online? Way back when, back when dinosaurs roamed […]
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A review of The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani.
Social Media: Hope, Hype or What? Hype? Hope? Now, this subject has probably been done to death […]
Quinnipiac Assignment 14 – ICM 527 – Real World versus Academics and RPIE This week, the focus […]
Quinnipiac Assignment #15 – Reflections about ICM 522 With the end of my first Social Media class […]
Final Project ICM 522 These videos together comprised our final project for Quinnipiac’s Social Media Platforms class, ICM […]
J-Krak Content Marketing This week, we worked on a content calendar. It isn’t done yet, so instead […]
J-Krak on MySpace and Google+ My partner and I certainly never intended to create two separate new […]