For 2022 NaNoWriMo, I have decided to create a prequel for each of the 5 main universes: Real Hub of the Universe, Obolonks, Time Addicts (while the Obolonks and Time Addicts are in the same universe, I just plain want to write two separate prequels!), Untrustworthy, The Enigman Cave, and Mettle. So, I anticipate a lot of fun and perhaps a little confusion. But it's all good!
I like to engage in what I like to call thought experiments. So why is something the way it is? And what happens if one key element changes? Does the thing fall apart? Or can it become something new and different? Or even better?
Self-Review Three Minutes Back in Time Adventures in Career Changing A True Believer in Skepticism
Denise lives an ordinary life in a dull, ordinary town. But when a fair comes to town, she eventually goes to it. But she scarcely knows why.
Shazad Latif, who I see as Dalton Farouk
Apart from having love interests in many of my works, I kind of don't have a continuity or Easter Egg for him. I love his memory, and may write a similar character in the future. Imagine Dalton's POV!
If your inspirational music of choice is BTS or the Bee Gees or Britney Spears or Beethoven or The Beatles or Bobby Darin—then that's fantastic!
Of course these days only women and transmen give birth (although medical science may change that someday!). However, anyone can always witness it, not only the actual event but also everything leading up to it. And don't forget about how it can even be a bitter fight as to who gets to be in the delivery room. Mothers in law, I am looking at you.
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When NOT to Post on Social Media Platforms When NOT to Post on Social Media Platforms? Timing, […]
So you know what's it like. You post a selfie taken at the ballgame. Except you told your boss that you were home sick, with the flu. You were supposed to be with your significant other. But, oops, you checked into Foursquare. With your friend. You know, the one with benefits.
I love the canine point of view. There is just something about writing about a species that is so incredibly close to us yet their ‘language’, such as it is, is vastly different. Furthermore, dogs experience so much more than we do when it comes to scent that their perceptions have to be rendered in that manner.