Oh, I have just spent scads of time reviewing it on the Neuron Robotics blog. So I’m […]
My company has a presentation slot. Many thanks to all who voted for us. Onward and ever […]
My company, Neuron Robotics is in the running to present at Mass Innovation! If you’ll be in […]
While there is still plenty happening with Maker Faire and Mass Innovation, I would like to step […]
Mass Innovation still life with twitterbot Maker Faire
My company, Neuron Robotics, is going to Mass Innovation and Maker Faire!
Neuron Robotics is presenting our very own pre-adventure presentation!
Mass Innovation still life with twitterbot Maker Faire
A review of Mass Innovation #16, held in Waltham, MA.
A review of a Lean Startup Circle Meeting held at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.
A review of Stephen Baker's keynote address at the Enzee Universe Conference, held in Boston.
A review of our first event, at John Harvard's in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.