Quinnipiac Assignment #8 – J-Krak Blog This week, we did not have to record a video for […]
Quinnipiac assignment #7 was about crafting a social media strategy.
Social Listening Quinnipiac Assignment #6 (Social Media Platforms) was all about social listening. So, what better thing to […]
Viral Videos Quinnipiac Assignment #5 of my Social Media Platforms class was all about viral videos. I therefore […]
Ad Astra is a well-organized online community, and well represents what Mark Zuckerberg referred to as "elegant organization".
Disruption (NSFW) Consider disruption (NSFW): Good Lord, people, hide the fine china! Lock up your children! It’s […]
Woo-Hoo! Onward to Quinnipiac For quite a while now, as I have searched for work, I have […]
I have loved Boston ever since I attended BU (I am from the Class of '83) and am also a runner (but only 5K races – marathons are too long for me).  Many of these directly affected people are second and third degree of separation from me. I cannot begin to describe just how personal it all feels, and I know that my feelings are rather small within the scope of this immense tragedy.