The April 23, 2010 meeting of the Community Roundtable's CR Live lunch.
A review of Boston 501 Tech Club's Tuesday Night Tech Boston event, and of NPO Connect, who performed a demonstration there.
A review of EditMe's Webinar on An action plan for building online community.
The racing season begins....
The adventure takes a new turn ....
It's the one year anniversary for a terrific area event!
Today I attended the CR lunch, which is always lively and pleasant. We didn’t really have a […]
Oh my gosh I love this place: It’s a gathering, every Wednesday, of startup entrepreneurs and […]
Life is outta control. Well, it’s not that bad.  But I’ve got a lot going on, even […]
The weekend was good but I overdid it. It’s weird — hmm, maybe it’s not — but […]