I love the canine point of view. There is just something about writing about a species that is so incredibly close to us yet their ‘language’, such as it is, is vastly different. Furthermore, dogs experience so much more than we do when it comes to scent that their perceptions have to be rendered in that manner.
The first paragraph contains one of my favorite phrases to write. And yes, I have used it before. But it still works. "... when they came." It is obvious there has been some sort of a disaster. And we humans types are not doing so well. No. Not at all. But there is an opportunity out there. We just need to figure out how to seize it.
The Real Hope of the Universe
When we first see Ceilidh, Devon, Shannon, and Jake, they are riding in a carriage in Scotland. It's the 1880s, and there are strange things happening throughout the planet. Some of these odd occurrences happen due to alien intervention. But some of them happen because of what human beings do.
The Real Heart of the Universe Adventures in Career Changing Killing Us Softly
In this, the second novel in the trilogy, Ceilidh deals head on with the problems she left behind in Ireland. And the biggest one is ....
Self-Review The Real Hub of the Universe Adventures in Career Changing
When Ceilidh leaves Ireland, she knows absolutely no one. She ends up as a charity case on a freighter, where there is a mysterious first mate who wears only black and never smiles. When the ship lands in Boston, it’s July 4—the Centennial. But nothing is open and there is no place for her to go. But through pluck and luck, and by shedding her Irish name and putting on a fake British accent, she lands a job with the wealthy Edwards family. She endures a lot of the standard indignities of the women of her time, including being paid less and being what we would now call sexually harassed.
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All My Aliens Self-Review Adventures in Career Changing-props Nothing Good Ever Happens at 3 AM
The characters are the unnamed narrator and the 'people' she meets. Some are human. Others? Not so much.
Complex Evil Characters and character reviews webtekpro
Where They Came From — how did I conjure someone up? Are they based on anyone I know?
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