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Job Interview!

I’ve got a job interview today, from 12:30 to 2. Since I’ve got to get downtown in order to accomplish said interview, I’m kinda stuck with being unable to eat at any convenient time beforehand.

This is normally not a huge issue, but when you’re a serious weight loser such as myself, it can get dicey if you can’t eat every few hours or so. I’ll live, I’ll be fine, I just like more order with such things.

About That Job Interview…

Boston - Robbie Shade Flickr - illustrating a job interview postNow, about the interview. It is not specifically for a social media marketing position. But there is some web development needed, so I can get more experience in that area. Plus it’s at a place I like.

I don’t want to give away too much but I’m very happy with, for example, the location. I’d get to keep my gym, and be able to use public transportation. Both of those things dovetail with my fitness goals.

Speaking of fitness goals, I’m running a 5K on Sunday. It promises to rain. Ah, well. It’s not like I’ve never run in the rain before. I’m not so sweet that I’ll melt.

Ah Well, So Much for That Interview

In the meantime, as I search for a good pin to put on my blazer, I look forward to today’s meeting and contemplate what it might end up meaning to me.


An update from the future. As in over 12 years later. As I update my blog and make it more search engine-friendly, I occasionally come across posts just like this one.

It’s not a bad post, per se. But It isn’t about writing. And it wasn’t even about the original purpose of this blog, which was all about social media. Apart from mentioning it as having small to do with this role, I got nothin’.

And, true story here, folks, I have no idea which company this was even for.

That’s how memorable this whole exercise was.