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Understanding the people you tweet with is, of course, a great way to determine if offsite connections are going to be worth it. After all, offsite connections that are hundreds of miles away are not likely to be easy, cheap, or even possible.
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Social Networking/Social Media Tips Social Media Tips? Yes, please! A while back, Grassroots Giving Group published some great […]
The ideal number of characters in a LinkedIn status update is 50-100.
Adventures in Career Changing - Allium Corralling
It's rather Zen, I suppose, to seek a balance here. But how do you get it?
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(Curating great content) is an easier way to add content (particularly when inspiration is harder to come by), but also because it promotes the Rule of Thirds, e. g. one-third of social media content should be about the content creator's wisdom being imparted, one-third should be the content creator's personality, and the final third should be the promotion of others' content.
J-Krak on MySpace
A Look at J-Krak on MySpace and Google+ My partner and I certainly never intended to create […]
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I finally (more or less) have conquered HootSuite, and am now a Certified Professional!