Writing, Ethics, and Quinnipiac

For the Spring Semester of 2015, I decided to double my course load and try to graduate a bit more rapidly. This entailed taking two classes. Little was I to know, when I signed up for these courses, that I would also get a job and my book, Untrustworthy, would be published. Hence my workload began to feel a bit out of control.

Janet-Gershen-Siegel-Adventures-in-Career-Changing-Social Media and Writing, Ethics

Writing, Ethics

The writing class is called ICM 506 – Writing for Interactive Media, and the course description states:

Despite the changing media landscape, good writing skills are a necessity for professional communication. Students in this class use written modalities to create, develop and hone a distinct, searchable written voice within a varied media environments. Much of professional media work involves creating a consistent voice or presence for a person, organization or company. In this course, participants focus on how to accomplish (or enhance) this process using effective compositional techniques.


Already, this class has some interesting components to it. For one thing, I have to post with a pseudonym. And I have to post on a brand-new blog. I cannot connect the nom de plume to my real identity. So I will not say anything until the semester is over (if I do so even then). There are also five books to read, two of which are optional. One of the optional works is On Writing by Stephen King. Being in the writing community, I have heard a lot of things about this book. A lot of people take it as absolute gospel. I am curious to read it for myself already. Regardless of my feelings about his works of art (I am not a fan), I do respect the author, particularly as he really did pull himself up by his own bootstraps.


The other course is called ICM 552 – Internet Ethics and Policy. That course description states:

This course addresses topics relating to use of the Internet, including ethical issues, business and government policies, intellectual property matters concerning Internet-based content, international issues and differences between Internet and traditional media. The course also covers appropriate conduct as it relates to contracts and protections in the creation of Internet-based content.

Both should be pretty interesting, and will probably work well in tandem (although it appears as if the ethics class can be blogged here on Adventures in Career Changing). The semester looks exciting!