Five Ways for Charities to use Social Media

Check Out These 5 Ways for Charities to use Social Media

First of all, here are 5 ways for charities to embrace the modern and use social media to help them. Because I still love an older great blog post on five possible uses for social media for charities.

5 Ways for Charities to use Social Media
English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I think these were good ideas (the Twitter Twibbon was one of them), I suspect that charities could go even further. After all, much of social media is free. And free is one of charities’ favorite words (along with cure, and donation, I suppose).

The social media landscape is always changing, so charities should continue to think creatively. As with businesses, listening to and observing their donors would be a good idea.

Some Ideas

First of all, how about using Facebook and LinkedIn to promote charitable events? While these RSVPs are often unreliable (a yes often really means maybe, a maybe means “I might get to it if nothing better comes along” but at least no still means no), this could serve as a way to get the word out.

Or what about keeping donors informed of totals by tweeting them? Hence if a $1,000,000 donation total is desired, how ’bout keeping donors informed on how it’s going by using Twitter? And this would be in place of an old thermometer bar.

So could volunteers check in with foursquare and get badges? Uh, why not? In addition, I’d love a blood donation badge. So long as it wouldn’t be an emergency, well, why not?

How About Another 5 Ways?


I’m sure there are plenty more where that came from. Got any ideas of how charities could use social media? Toss ’em here, if you like.

For more information, see the December 30, 2010 blog post on Social Media Today.